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Boxercise Classes

Spinning Classes, Fitbug, Dublin 15, Junction 6

Where is there Boxercise classes in Dublin 15? Its right here at Fitbug, Junction 6, Castleknock. We are in Dublin 15, just off the N3 & M50 and we have Boxercise classes on our timetable 3 times per week. What do you need to bring to a Boxercise class? The answer is, not very much as we supply the pads and we supply the mitts. All you need to do now, is book in and show up. You will need to bring your water, bring a towel and wear your sports gear. You do not need to be an expert or have done any boxing before as we cater for beginners in all of our classes.

Boxercise is a bit different to boxing. It is designed to be an exercise class rather than a boxing class. What’s the difference? Well, you will not be sparring with anybody, you won’t be fighting, however you will be working out with 1 or many partners. The only physical contact which will be made will be you wearing gloves and punching a pad which is worn by another member. There could also be punch bags involved, some dumb-bells or kettlebells for circuit training and some other items such as steps or skipping ropes for cardio or mats for floor work.

It is a full body work out. If you have not done it before, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variation. We will teach you how to punch correctly, the movement and positioning of your feet, how to use the pads and when to rest. When you come to a Fitbug boxercise class on a regular basis, you can find yourself being less stressed in day to day life. There is a feel-good factor at our classes, we encourage progression and all levels of fitness can start at any time. You will feel the benefits as soon as you start hitting the pads, it releases pressure from a tough week and can lower your stress levels. It gives you the tools to burn off a bit of steam. You can almost feel the stress levels leaving your body as the time passes. The heart will be racing which increases blood flow, increases air intake and allows you to focus on nothing else.

Your upper body will get a real good workout when you attend a Boxercise class. You will be punching from different angles which forces you to use different muscles. These punches will be performed in a controlled manner or with speed and power. The instructor will point you in the right direction. There are tonnes of benefits, here’s just a few but the list goes on… much improved cardiovascular levels, timing, accuracy, balance, agility, strength, toning, and coordination just to name a few. This greatly improves toning of the muscles in your arms, shoulders and your back as you give everything you have.

Other parts of these classes include core, abs and leg work. As I’m sure you are aware, boxers are extremely fit. This can be achieved by working the upper and lower body simultaneously as the heart rate increases. You will burn plenty of calories. Over a period of time, you can actually see a difference in muscle tone. Of course, it helps if you keep a good balanced diet. Please read my blog about a balanced diet.

We will then include some circuit training to improve your strength. Like all of our classes, you will be able to push yourself to your limits regardless of your levels of fitness. We give you the choice of different levels of intensity. We will certainly encourage you to push your levels, however we feel the days of drilling people to max are long gone. It’s all about you being able to have a sense of achievement and progressing.

If you want to start gaining some of these benefits, sign up to one of our Boxercise classes now on our website!!


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