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Spinning Classes

Spinning Classes, Fitbug, Dublin 15, Junction 6

I’ll answer the first question to get it out of the way. We believe the best Spinning class you can find is right here at Fitbug, junction 6, Castleknock. There are plenty of different ways to do spinning classes however we do things a little differently and this is why we believe we are the best. We asked a few people about their thoughts of Spinning classes before we bought bikes, however, we were shocked by some of the horror stories from different establishments. FITBUG IS DIFFERENT!

Like every other exercise class, they are supposed to be tough but they should be instructed in such a way where all levels can do it. That’s the whole idea of exercise… everybody should be able to do them! With this in mind, we set our Disco Spin class in a way where you set your own limits and push yourself to YOUR maximum. Our Disco Spin class has become quite popular for this reason. Don’t worry, If you want it tough, we’ll give you the push you need to get the maximum from you and the class.

Now unlike others, our instructors take part in the class on a bike so we are all in it together. We have designed classes so you don’t just sit there and Spin the pedals around until the legs fall off. There is much more to our class. I have a cycling back round, I have cycled thousands of kilometres by road and plenty more up and down mountains. It is not important if you have cycled or not before to do our Disco Spin class. It’s totally irrelevant. I have cycled for years, it’s something I am passionate about and I love seeing others get the benefits from a good Spinning class. It’s quite easy to become a Spinning instructor but how does Fitbug make it suitable for all levels of fitness, suitable for all abilities and make it fun?

Spinning Classes, Fitbug, Dublin 15, Junction 6

When we go cycling, it’s not only about the legs. Are you aware that you use you whole body? Do you realise that you use your upper body muscles, your core and your back? At Fitbug, we incorporate movements into our Disco Spin class to help tone these muscles. This helps to burn even more calories. To do this, we decided to put Disco Spin on to our timetable. This class is known as dancing on a bike and this is how we work the upper body muscle groups.

We’ll set you up on the bike, we’ll show you how to adjust everything to suit you… after that, you will follow the instructor at your own pace and ability and this is one of the reasons why Fitbug have the best spinning class in Dublin. During these classes, we are pedalling to the beat of the music. This allows you to decide what level of intensity you want. You select the level that allows you to find the beat of the song.

Just like pedalling to the beat, the upper body work is also done to the beat. You may be waving your hands in the air, clapping, swinging side to side or just acting silly to some crazy song, but this makes the class super fun, super fast and super effective.

As a rule, if you wish to tone up, you will need to do plenty of repetitions. So, we make this happen by choosing our music carefully to ensure some hard work is done, while also having a giggle. Laughing is one of the best medicines and it is an integral part of all of our classes. When was the last time you went dancing? Do you remember smiling as you danced to the beats? This is what we do, if you are unsure, have a look at some of our videos or photographs in our gallery. Check out our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/Fitbugjunction6

We pride ourselves on having fun fitness classes. We have plenty of fun Zumba classes on our timetable, the natural next step was some Disco Spinning classes.

There will be times when you are flying along, raising the heart rate and breathing heavily as we increase our cardiovascular levels. This is how we get fitter. This is all crucial to our general health and instructed in a balanced manor. If you are trying to lose weight or tone up, this is a great class to help you achieve your goals. There will be timeout to drink your water, catch your breath or you are welcome to take a break whenever you feel it is necessary.

Each Spinning class lasts a maximum of 45 minutes. If you want a fun, entertaining Spinning class, LOOK NO FURTHER!! Book now on our website!


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